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2015年8月9日(日) アースデイマーケット@代々木公園ケヤキ並木
2015年9月20日(日) 安穏朝市@築地本願寺

マカリイズ マーケット MaccaLi's Market

場所: 日本, 北海道札幌市中央区南18条西16丁目2−20

I can't help being a little surprised: Was there in Sapporo’s residential area such a complete organic shop? They have a wide variety of vegetables (of course), garnishes, spices, processed foods, and even cosmetics!
It is said that the shop name became Maccali’s out of the fascination for the beautiful scenery and delicious vegetables of Makkari village.

annna maya

場所: 中華人民共和国 上海 徐匯区 桃江路 3号 邮政编码: 200030

Located on a very fancy street commonly used for wedding photos, the distinct exterior of yellow walls will captivate your eyes. This vegetarian café uses no animal ingredients in their menu. Yoga classes are also held here. (yoga)


場所: 日本, 埼玉県川口市栄町3丁目10−10


Beyond the bustle of the shopping district is a lovely café that is only about a 5 minute walk from Kawaguchi station. While not all ingredients are organic, here you can enjoy some organic brown rice as well as some organic English tea and cocoa.
There are also some enjoyable events here, including cooking classes.